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Difference between NT and 2000 Windows..!!!

Difference between Windows NT and 2000

Before proceeding to the depth of windows, it's neccessary to know the basic things about windows , which can make your study more confortable.

Below are the following difference between NT and 2000:-

  • The Windows NT server version did not support Plug and Play, a feature which was fulfilled in Windows 2000 and also in XP.
  • The Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition aids in clustering and can recover itself well in case of system failure but windows 2000 does not support this.
  • Windows 2000 has Active Directory which replaces NT's domain system and simplifies network administration
  • Windows 2000 is found to be more stable than its predecessor Window NT and is specialized to remove incorrect copies of DLL files when applications are installed.
  • Windows Nt does not support multimaster replication but windows 2000 work on this technology.
  • Windows NT have domain and local group but windows 2000 have Domain and Domain local group type.
  • Windows Nt support NTLM but Windows 2000 Support NTLM and Kebros authentication method.
  • Windows NT work on PDC and BDC concept but Windows 2000 there is no PDC and BDC concept, works on multimaster concept.