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VIRUS NAME: W32/Goround.worm

VIRUS NAME: W32/Goround.worm

Internet Worm Characteristics

This is a network aware worm that can put an infected system into a reboot loop. When the worm is run, typically the filename is OLDNEWS.EXE, it checks for the presence of the file C:\BOOTMGR.SYS. If this file is not present (which is typically the case), the worm drops a 1 bytes file, C:\BOOTMGR.SYS, and attempts to copy itself to other systems using the following network shares:

c$\windows\startup\oldnews.exe (note: this is an invalid startup folder)

c$\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\oldnews.exe

c$\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\oldnews.exe

The 2nd time the worm is run, C:\BOOTMGR.SYS is present and the worm immediately shuts down the machine. So, once the worm has successfully copied itself to an active Startup folder, the machine will shutdown as soon as Windows has loaded.

The worm is also designed to mass email itself to all users in the Microsoft Outlook Address book. However, due to a bug in the program, this routine does not function properly and no messages are sent. The intended message is as follows:

Subject: Hello
Body: Hi

I just had to send you this.
Our email server won't let me email programs so I've renamed it. Save it to disk, changing the .app at the end to .exe, then you can run it.
I don't normally go round forwarding this kind of thing, but this is really, really funny! Take care.

Attachment: Angel.app


Presence of OLDNEWS.EXE (151,040 bytes) and C:\BOOTMGR.SYS (1 byte)

Method Of Infection
This worm spreads itself via open network shares.

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