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virus file

VIRUS NAME : X97M/Pathetic.d

VIRUS NAME : X97M/Pathetic.d

Virus Characteristics

This threat is detected as X97M/Pathetic. The virus contains one module - Basilisk. On opening the infected workbook, the virus disables the Esc key. The virus saves itself as book1.xls in Xlstart folder and also exports its code to C:\Draco. The virus then edits c:\autoexec.bat and inserts message @echo T'as ete mordu par... Le bec du Saumon " Application.UserName". In the month of May, the virus will close the active workbook.


The presence of the file C:\Draco. This file is not infected. The following message present in C:\autoexec.bat - @echo T'as ete mordu par... Le bec du Saumon " Application.UserName". Active workbooks are closed in the month of May.

Method Of Infection

Opening an infected workbook will create the infected book1.xls file to the XLSTART folder and further infect workbooks used on the system.

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