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Trojan Characteristics

This is a simple DOS executable Trojan, which deletes critical system files from the victim machine when run.

In at least one instance, the Trojan has been manually emailed to the target as an attachment to an email in which the sender claims to have hacked your web site. For example, an extract from an email bearing CMP.EXE:

To prove that I did a small HACK to an area in your site and I renamed that "CMP". You can see that by viewing this attachment.

When executed on the victim machine a message is displayed to the user and once the user presses a key, the following files are deleted from the machine:

*.ini and *.exe from c:\windows\system
*.dll and *.exe from c:\windows
The above file paths are hardcoded within the Trojan.


Missing system files from C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System.

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