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Internet Worm Characteristics

This mass-mailing worm, written in Visual Basic 6, uses Microsoft Outlook to send itself to all addresses in the Outlook Address book. It arrives in an email containing the following information:

Subject: my life ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Attachment: MY LIFE.SCR

The attachment is a UPX packed PE file. When executed on the local machine, an image is displayed whilst the worm copies itself to the System folder, and uses Outlook to propagate itself to all address found in the Outlook Address book. The following Registry key is added to ensure the worm is executed at subsequent system startup:

Run 'stmgr' = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\My Life.scr

Upon restarting the machine, the worm does not propagate again, and the above image is not displayed. Instead the worm is intended to delete the following system files from the infected machine:

*.COM and *.SYS from C:\

*.COM, *.SYS, *.INI and *.EXE from C:\WINDOWS

*.SYS, *.VXD, *.EXE and *.DLL from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

However, due to a bug, this payload fails and no files were observed to be deleted in testing.


Presence of: MY LIFE.SCR (30,720 bytes) in the system directory.

Method Of Infection

When executed, the worm propagates itself to all addresses found in the Outlook Address book using Micrsoft Outlook. The worm copies itself to the System folder, modifying the Registry to run this copy at subsequent startup.

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