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Hill Stations Beaches
Get out of the complicated chaos of city life and into the lap of simplicity and nature, step towards Manali this season spells romance.
One of India's most irresistible destination, Goa attracts different kind of tourists from all over the world, book your vacation now!

Experience the nature in the laps of himalayas.
The Devbagh beach is a must for beach lovers. Gentle waves, palm-laced beaches, silver, clam, peaceful alleys, soft songs of birds and a great sunset Karwar has all the makings of a perfect holiday
Mussoorie provides travelers from the plains a long awaited glimpse of the snow – covered Himalayas, as well as dramatic views of the Dehra Dun Valley....
Historical Religious
Moonlight in Agra, capture eternal love and let time stand still in Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World...
Discover the ancient legacy of the Mansa Devi temple, set your spirits free on the tunes of spiritual songs...
It's the venue of celestial weddings and famous for its magnificent temples, don't miss it...
The richest and the most popular place of worship in the world, Godess Bhairavi owes its existence to the sacred temples
Indian Cities Specials
Chandigarh presents you a striking fusion of growth and enterprise along with the old world charm.
Built to be the capital, Delhi had seen the rise and fall of many Kingdoms and Empires. Every dynasty that ruled Delhi left behind some kind of a seal or monument for the world to admire and remember.
The Esrtwhile capital of the Wodeyar's, today Mysore is a quintessential pensioner's paradise, but there's never a dull moment in this historical city rich in culture.
Kerala has everything to offer a travel bug, Beaches, Backwaters, Hill Stations and Temples ... you name it, you have it!