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Catch The Persistance of Problem

If you can't catch the problem,you can't begin to solve it. You can catch the problem by asking questions from yourself.

How often does this happen?:- This question establishes whether this problem is a one-time occurrence(usually indicating a soft memory error or the like) that can be solved with a reboot, or whether a specific sequence of events causes the problem to happen(usually indicating a more serious problem that may require software installation or hardware replacement.H

Has any new software been installed recently?:- New software can mean incompatibility problems with existing programs.This is especially true for Windows programs.A new Windows program can overwrite a required DLL file with a newer version of the same name,which an older program may not find useful.Windows XP now has a feature called RESTORE POINTs. Each time Windows XP boots successfully, it notes its configuration. If you install new software and it overwrites a DLL, causing ,major functionality problems,you can reboot in safe mode back to the last logged restore point and roll back the configuration to when the computer last worked properly.

Have any other changes been made to the computer recently?:- If the changes made then try to remember approximately when the change was made. Then try to remember approximately when the problem started.If the two dates seem related, there's a good chance the problem is related to the change,If the change involved a new hardware component,check to see that the hardware component was installed correctly.


Other Important information

What is MCSE ?

The acronym MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer. This is a course for professionals who examine and investigate company needs and then design, install, configure and troubleshoot networking systems. MCSE certification is suitable for professionals who work as technical support engineers, system analysts, network analysts and technical consultants.

It is mandatory for a MCSE candidate to have at least one year of experience implementing a network operating system that has 200 to 26,000 users, five to one hundred and fifty locations, network services which include file and print, web hosting, messaging, dial in servers, desktop management, database and proxy servers. A MCSE candidate should also have at least one year of experience in designing networks and in the administration of a desktop operating system.

There are many types of certifications such as, Microsoft Windows 2000 Certification, MCSE on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft NT 4.0, specializations in messaging on windows server 2003 and security on windows server 2003. The exam comprises of 45 to 55 questions. The passing scores are 620-660 on core exams and 556 -675 for elective exams. MCSE candidates are required to pass seven exams or the equivalent that include five Core Exams while learning Microsoft Windows 2000. A total of six exams are mandatory for MCSE 2003, out of which four are core exams.

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