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Computer Fundamentals Web Designing and Development
Basic Computer Fundamentals HTML
All physical parts of the computer (or everything that we can touch) is known as hardware. All of the components of a computer system can be summarised with the simple equations, fundamentals help you to understand this concept This specification defines the HyperText Markup Language (HTML ), the publishing language of the World Wide Web.
DHTML                               MS Office
HTML part that defines the general link and called as Dynamic Hyper Text Markup L anguage Wondering what this new Software is and how it going to effect the people?Let start looking at this.......
Operating System XML/XSL
OS is system software, which may be viewed as collection of software consisting of procedures for operating the computer & providing an environment for execution of programs. Itís an interface between user & computer XML are initials for EXtensible Markup L anguage. Seems strange that the first word is "Extensible," yet they use the "X" to denote the word.
DataBase Networking
Networking Window-nt-Server
WinNT advanced keylogger. Features logging all activity (including DOS sessions) in the machine and making new .exe server files. It will send the logs via FTP or SMTP (email address). It is completely invisible to the users and highly customizable (including the registry key). It is also very hard to remove, because it uses startup folder, win.ini,system.ini and various registry keys to boot with windows
DBMS Flash
Database management.As the name suggest this part maintains all the data. Discover the Best of all the designing tools.
RDBMS Adobe PhotoShop
This is Relational Database Management i.e. format the related Data. Adobe Photoshop provide you with all the designing tools and effect which make your site beautiful
Languages Languages
C language C++ language
The C tutorial teaches you the entire C language. It covers the ANSI-C standard and gives a few illustrations of the original K&R C language. The C++ tutorial teaches you the entire C++ language. It covers the ANSI-C++ standard.
Free Computer Tutorials which makes a beginner's life little bit easy.